Friday, 17 January 2014

Country shows

We spent a delightful morning at the Levin A P & I show today. Some of the attractions included a sheep race (we backed a loser - Yellow no 3) and the showing of various agricultural animals as well as the delightful alpaca.

The back story. I have always adored the whimsical alpaca, and whenever we drive through NZ I can be relied upon to shout "ALPACA" like an excited 8 year old each time one comes into view. I have always wanted my own trio, but until we moved here we didn't have a piece of land large enough.....well we now have a spare acre, and according to the experts we talked to today, you can keep up to EIGHT alpaca on an acre.....

You may need to watch this space.

As we wandered today through the show grounds, I missed my dad so much. He would have loved the day. He would have commented on the antique farm equipment, the vintage cars, would have downed a HUGE ice cream and would have told stories every time he laid eyes on a pig. He was a country man until the day he died. I miss him so much.

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  1. A spare acre?? Wow :) I look forward to seeing who you bring to fill in your space...