Tuesday, 20 August 2019

They always choose rough weather

We've noticed over the years that the sheep in these parts have an internal clock 'wired' for harsh weather. They wait until either the frosts harden the land or the snow falls THEN they give birth!

I have just returned from a walk along our road. It was minus 1 degrees last night and this morning there were new lambs. I couldn't photograph the really young ones, they were too shy and mum was too protective. But there are a few fattening up and who will prosper as the spring breaks in a few weeks.

We have also had flooding locally in the last week. Our local river was very high, but mercifully cut too low through earthquake hewn scenery to be a flood risk.

The evenings have been cold enough for wood fires and the warmth of an office lamp to snooze next to, as our junior ginger has discovered. Not only does the desk lamp dry off any rain or frost on his fur, but he has cuddles on demand if he curls up in the in tray.

Senior female ginger has commandered the grocery basket, as it prevents drafts around her derriere!

And the nervous Tabby Boy, just does the alley cat knot to keep warm

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