Friday, 8 February 2019

Marauding Mongols, Bowmen and soapmakers

Today our local town hosted its annual Medieval Market. Re-enactment groups attended from all over the N. Island and various Medieval troubadours sang, Knights fought, bowman shot and chain mail men with tin helmets strutted their stuff in increasing heat. Quite how anyone survived wearing full helmet and armour in 30 degree temperatures defeats me.

I came away with hand made soap, and hand designed cotton fabric. My husband bought a not so medieval tree pruner. I may have to purchase him a suit of armour to use it.

I had a go at shooting the knight with a bow and arrow, and was complimented on my straight shot. Mum would be proud as she was a very accomplished archer. So I guess for the rest of the day I should sing hey nonny nonny!

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