Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Paddock Diary

We have just moved our garden bench and small table to the border of the paddock. Early evening is busy with birds and the flight paths of Blackbirds, Thrush, Kereru, Sparrows and Tui criss cross with the complexity of a Jeppessen flight plan.

The cats approve of the new arrangement, especially if I take my cup of tea with me. They chase each other, show off and put on a show, then vie for the table or my knee.

Ruppin won't sit on the table, but the gingers take it in turn to be two feet above contradiction.

Meanwhile Ruppin tries to camouflage himself near a tree stump and hopes he is not jumped on by 8kgs of purring tiger.


  1. I do love those kitties of yours! So photogenic! :-)

  2. They say thank you. Ruppin is the most photogenic, but he is so shy, I seldom catch him on camera. Cumin is such a diva, she loves the lens!