Friday, 30 November 2018

Meatballs and reindeer

The weekend started with a mammoth meatball making session (from lamb, not mammoth). I made them for us and an elderly lady we know. This morning we headed to a local market which was also Pouch Central. I personally had conversations with a Beagle, a Toy poodle and a Rhodesian ridgeback. We picked up all manner of goodies, including a beautiful copy of Claudia Roden's Arabesque cook book, a Russian long handled kasha spoon, basil and rosemary for my herb box and a lavender plant. This is the beginning of my AirBee and Bee project; luxury food and accommodation for the honey making friends.

The market sells local produce, baking, soap makers and hosts various crafters including Mrs Teapot Cover maker

And Mr Flat Pack Reindeer maker, who assured us that Rudolph and crew would only take up a small part of the garage once dis-assembled!

What we didn't tell him was our frightening lack of ability to use screwdrivers, flattening instructions, or read Swedish.

So back to the meatballs. I'm off to attempt some cranberry sauce to bring back happy memories of IKEA, which I had to go all the way to Israel to visit recently.


  1. Lovely! Especially the last paragraph. Especially Mrs Tea Cosy (tee-hee). Especially all of it!

  2. Love the air Bee and Bee. :) Was just thinking of fresh basil and oregano as I prepare to make a fresh batch of mozzarella.

  3. That all sounds amazing! I am especially impressed with your Air Bee & Bee, what a fantastic idea! :)

  4. Beautiful photos as always Jane. x