Sunday, 10 December 2017

Beautiful gifts

Last year, about this time, our postbox started to receive additional decorations, after I had decorated it with tinsel. I would come home from work and find extra tinsel or a Christmas tree ornament added to the decorations from the day before. It was a mystery until the New Year, when the neighbour responsible confessed.

This year, I decided to covertly decorate a few of our neighbours boxes along our stretch of road with tinsel and a bauble or two, to give them the pleasure of a mystery too. A visiting friend helped me in the subterfuge and one evening around dusk, two middle aged women could be seen leaping in out of bushes to avoid being spotted as they wrapped the said boxes in Christmas glitter.

Day Two, my post box gained a glamorous strip of red tinsel and another ornament (of a small cat). Of course, this time I knew who the culprit was.

Today I received this amazing gift and can't resist showing it to the world as it is so delightful and creative.

The giver knew I love hares, and created this amazing scene inside a shoe box. They didn't dare leave it in our post box in case I was tempted to shake it and ruin the whole effect. The gift was from one of the tinselly postbox owners.

It is nice to dream up anonymous surprises knowing that someone somewhere is scratching their heads.

Happy tinselling!

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  1. Wow! That is really sweet :) how lucky you are to have such a fun neighborhood! Enjoy - and Happy Holidays!