Monday, 27 November 2017

The Wonderful Wairarapa

We have just returned from two days "over the hill" in the wine growing region of the Wairarapa. It has been very hot and we got home only to find it was even hotter here. Only one out of three cats has shown up so far, but it is so warm, I suspect they are dozing in a cool corner of the paddock - we will of course be cold shouldered for several days until they realise we are home for good.

This is the first time we have returned from the Wairarapa without purchasing furniture. I splashed out on some overpriced wooden spoons and a spatula - definitely a downgrade from the previous three visits which eventuated a French Dresser from the Loire valley, an American day bed and a 3m long table from France!

The amusing end to the expensive wooden items was that our friend who house sat left an apologetic note that she had accidentally set fire to my wooden slotted spoon on the gas stove. On its burned remains she had written "Honestly there are some people you can't take anywhere". I wrote her an email to beg her not to replace it, as I appeared to have had some kind of foresight and had already purchased its replacement.

Well, I'll let the Wairarapa photos speak for themselves. They include a few from Mt Bruce Wildlife sanctuary.


Martinborough vineyards

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  1. Wow, looks like you had an amazing time! Welcome home :)