Monday, 26 September 2016

Bird visitors

I love birds, of any variety, even noisy magpies ( and we have LOTS of those along our road). The challenge we have is the starlings who insist on nesting in our mailbox. The first year, they got away with it, but the mess and stench and inconvenience was rather too much. Last year we managed to dissuade them by removing every twig and blade of grass as soon as it arrived.

This year, they are not to be deterred, so I have resorted to desperate measures

I had hoped to find a larger stuffed toy, but this was what was available this morning at our local charity shop. He may be replaced by a larger dog/cat/dinosaur when I can find one.

One visitor who is always welcome is our pheasant. The photo is blurred because I took it on 48 x zoom before my first coffee of the day, so there is a bit of camera shake.

I wish he wasn't so shy, but I do understand the conditioning he has to sticking to the bushes and hedgerows. Not likely to get shot at that way, except by a caffeine deprived photographer!

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