Sunday, 28 August 2016

Moggies of a different kind

My dad collected Morris Minors. He had a number over the years, and at one point owned three and would borrow a fourth, if he needed it for wedding taxiing.

Today, there was a show of vintage cars in our local town, so we hot foot down there. I was entranced to find the twin of my student car, Sofie (so called because it was like driving a sofa). Here she is:

Much as I have hankered after getting another Moggie to putter around in, reluctantly I have had to admit with back and knee issues, I may be able to get into one, but changing gear and getting out of it may be prohibitive!

We shared a few stories with exhibitors. So many cars are "found" here, stuck in sheds on remote farms, being used as chicken coops or adapted to become muck spreaders or hay haulers. Then they are lovingly restored to their former glory with a coil of 8 gauge wire!

NB the yellow lady has eyelashes!

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