Sunday, 13 September 2015

Frittering away time

Some of my earliest memories of desserts come from my first trip to Canada in 1977 to visit family.

Great Aunt Mary made amazing blueberry pies and butter tarts. Then there were the donuts and other baking that could be bought in the Mall (a very new thing to a girl from a small town in the "old country").

Well the Canadian baking link has recently re-engaged through the marvellous medium of Facebook. Dad's cousins grand-daughter posted a recipe for a Apple Fritter cake. As I recently bought a massive bag of apples I have been baking again, as well as using my bounty in my lunchbox and as sauce with my cereals. Here is my version of the Apple Fritter cake. I left off the glaze, as that was one serving of sugar too far!

Thanks Julie, the Canadian heavenly dessert lives!

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  1. That looks scrumptious! I'm in the middle of trying to create a good sugar free version - wish me luck :)