Friday, 6 March 2015

Raspberry light

I'm having a year of new things. Last week I made my first ever fatless sponge cake. It was FABULOUS even if I say so myself. Made from eggs, cornflour, flour, sugar and baking powder. Topped with raspberries and cream - as you see I am no cake decorator!

Version two of raspberry light was yesterday morning heading to the train station. The moon was so bright it made the very early morning feel much later. The moon photos aren't quite so successful as the later sunrise over the railway tracks ones.


  1. Whoa, that cake looks yummy! Your shots are all beautiful - the first moon one looks like you captured lightning :) and the second is just hazy enough to look very enchanting! And the sunrise - well, I don't need to say anything there, they're just breathtaking! Thanks for sharing these all :)

    1. The cake was amazing. Do you want me to send you the recipe?