Thursday, 3 July 2014

Murphy's law

Today I took part in a bird survey online. It was a nationwide survey of garden birds. The idea is that in a space of an hour you make note of the varieties of birds in your garden then post the details online. I had just completed the survey and gone back to the messy business of breadmaking, when I heard a familiar squwark outside. There was one of our half dozen rosellas on the top branch of the ornamental cherry. Here he is (taken on a very long zoom with shakey dough covered hands). Mercifully the camera survived this abuse.

Footnote to yesterday's post. It was very cold overnight but today it is warm and sunny. Blue skies everywhere and the laundry is happily drying outside. After living previously with the temperatures of Wellington at this time of year, I feel like I have landed in summery clover.

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